Academy of Arts and Sciences

One of the most beautiful buildings in Knez Mihailova street, with its dashing facade, belongs to the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Year of construction: 1924

Architecture: Academism with Art Nouveau elements on the facade

Location: 35, Knez Mihailova street, Stari Grad district

Nearby: Instituto Cervantes, University of Belgrade (building of srb. "Kapetan Mišino zdanje", eng. "Captain Miša's Mansion"), Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Philology, Topličin Venac, Students' Park, Belgrade Fortress

History: Even though the plans for building the palace for the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences existed from the late 19th century, the completion of the project had to wait for almost 40 years. But even so, at first, only the Institute for lexicography moved to its premises, and the rest of the building was loaned to another institutions such as Radio Belgrade which started broadcasting initially from this place. Finally, in 1952, all of the Academy departments moved to the building. The edifice has basement, ground floor, mezzanine, and two floors. Other than the main entrance, there are seperate doorways from the street to the Gallery of the Academy, and to a couple of bookstores.

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