"Sava Centar" - International Congress Center complex

This modern complex of buildings represent, possibly, one of the major architectural projects carried out in Tito's Yugoslavia. It is located on New Belgrade side, close to the banks of the river Sava.

Year of construction: 1976-1979

Architecture: modern

Location: 9, Milentija Popovića street, New Belgrade district

Nearby: Belgrade "Štark" Arena hall of sports, Ušće Park complex, Ušće Tower and Shopping mall

SavaCenterupcloseDetails: The main congress building was rushed and built in just a year time for the purpose of holding a Congress of the organizaton that nowadays is known as the OSCE. Over the next couple of years, a concert hall was added, as well as the large "Intercontinental" hotel, now "Crowne Plaza". This place hosted many important international events. Nowadays, it is occasionally used for holding such big happenings. The concert hall is also used as a movie theater, and the famous traditional Belgrade's film festival called FEST uses it, for example, as its principal cinema hall. The congressional center is used, apart from the events, as a kind of a shopping center, and point of sale for various companies and businesses.

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