10 curious things about Belgrade

We picked up some interesting data and we are presenting it to you. Maybe you`ll find it amusing and informative. And maybe you`ll remember some of it when taking a walk through the city.

Longest street in Belgrade goes on for 7.5 kilometers

Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra (King Alexander blvd.) is the longest street in Belgrade and one of the longest municipal streets in Europe. The street numbers (of the buildings on this avenue) go as high as 656.

Belgrade is proud of having its "eternal" football derby between Crvena Zvezda and Partizan

It is commonly considered as one of the 10 biggest rivalries in the world of football
. Two great fan basis, the one in the north stand (Crvena Zvezda fans) and one in the opposite, south stand (Partizan supporters), making a great atmosphere during the match, singing, chanting, with drums and flags, and often with flares, or with richly ornamented coreography. The fans are very passionate, it is usually very intense, on a verge of incident.

Highway is going right through the city of Belgrade (photo above)

Tthis is E-70/E-71 routes (from Croatian and Hungarian border) forming A1 route towards the City of Niš and Macedonian and Bulgarian border. The portion of the highway that goes through the city is registered under the street name of "Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića" (Arsenije Čarnojević blvd.), and, for example, the Belgrade Arena (called "Štark Arena") is located at number 58.

The oldest building in Belgrade is a mosque (Bayrakli mosque), built in 1575 (2nd photo)

It is the only mosque that survived in the City of Belgrade.

The oldest civil structure still standing in Belgrade is a small house in Cara Dušana street (Dorćol district), built in 1730's

Belonged to the Austrian colonel Nicolas Doxat, Swiss by nationality, who was in Belgrade on the assignment of making a stronghold out of Belgrade Fortress.

Belgrade still has no Metro

Even though the first plan of building the Metro in Belgrade appeared in the late 1960's, the Serbian Capital remains one of the few major European cities still without this mean of transportation.

Center of Belgrade is one giant graveyard 

Bear in mind that when you are walking the central streets or enjoying a stroll in, let's say, Tašmajdan park, you will be actually 

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