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Church Ružica

Church of the Holy Virgin Mary, also called "Ružica" (eng. "Little Rose"), was founded in 15th century in the lower part of Belgrade Fortress during the Serbian Despotate and the reign of Stefan Lazarević.

The medieval church was destroyed by the Turks in 1521, when they conquered Belgrade. On the same spot, the new church was errected in 1869, after Prince Mihailo Obrenović got the keys of the City of Belgrade in 1867, which meant that it belonged to Serbia and the Serbs once again. It is said that Church "Ružica", the medieval one, was actually the oldest church in Belgrade, but no one nows exactly when it was built. What is commonly known is the fact that it was errected by the wellspring of St. Petka and the stream of water run beneath its foundations. The name "Ružica" is after one of three sisters who aledgedly built three churches, one each, as their endowment.

A particle of St. Petka's relics, great Balkan Christian-Orthodox ascetic, revered deeply by the Serbs, are still kept in this church.

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