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Cvetni Trg (Flower Square)

Cvetni Trg (eng. "Flower Square") started as a small park in the late 19th century, which grew into an open market. With creation of the Society for Vračar Embellishment, nice looking buildings start to grew marking its borders.

CvetniTrg BeogradjankaIn the early 19th century, this place was still at the outskirts of Belgrade (imagine, now it is considered to be in the center of it), and it was covered by the wood of oak trees. The process of urbanization started mid-19th century.

One of the most representative buildings at Flower square is the House of Nikolić Brothers, from 1914, built in Serbo-Byzantine style with some elements of Secession.

This was the place with lots of flower shops, and thus the name, so if someone needed to buy flowers for his or her loved ones, this would have been the most probable place of acquisition.

SvetniTrg oaktreeIn 1958, the first big supermarket was opened in Belgrade at Flower square, and it remained there until present times, of course, with different ownership.

CvetniTrg kaficiThe place got reconstructed several times, but small flower shops remained there. Until the last reconstruction. Now the shops ceased to exist, and the place is envisioned as an exhibition plateau. There is a Belgrade Info office at the square, as well as the outpost of an art gallery.

At the large steps nowadays is a monument of the famous Serbian writer Borislav Pekić. This is the place with lots of coffee shops, and it is especially beautiful in springtime and summer. At the Flower square you can see a remarkable two-centuries-old oak tree, located in front of the supermarket, the only one that survived from the old woodland.


CvetniTrg DzaUlepsavanjeVracaraThe Yugoslav Drama Theater is located in the building that was originally constructed in 1860 for the purpose of holding the stable of army's equestrian regiment, but since then was renovated and rebuilt several times, mainly due to fire. Now the facade is covered with glass panels. This was, actually, the first building errected at Flower square.

Cvetni Trg (Flower Square) is overlooking a giant Belgrade Palace skyscraper, and two extraordinary buildings originally built for military purposes - Officers' Club building (now Students' Cultural Center) and Officers' Cooperative Building (now department store), and it is located both in Njegoševa street and in Kralja Milana street, close to Slavija square.

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