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Why we made this?!

by EoB


We decided to interview ourselves and try to explain you what we are doing here. So, the first question that you need to ask yourself when starting an adventure is WHY. And this is a true adventure, no doubt. We sat at the table, looked at each other and began reflexing on our reasons. And we came up with the simplest of all answers. The most honest one, by the way. It is the thing that drives a pure emotion. It is what it should be all about. It is LOVE.


About EoB1What do we expect from this?

Personally, nothing. We are doing this out of hobby. We are not looking for a prize, or money. We are hoping that it will serve a greater good, and that our city will be better understood. Only then it can grow into its true essence, and reflect it in a right way.

What is Belgrade's essence?


What is needed to be done?

We have to stop trying to fit in. Our people plus our tradition equals a unique atmosphere. And that is something you have to feel. It cannot be built. Modern cities are increasingly becoming soulless. Elsewhere it may be fine, but here the soul is something that we depend on. As a culture. In line with what is previously stated, this is not your ordinary tourist-promotional web-site. The idea is that it reflects the city, so navigating throught it you get an impression of walking the streets of Belgrade.

Who are we addressing to?

Pretty much to everyone. We are addressing strangers who want to come to Belgrade. We need to explain to them what is hidden behind the simple look on Belgrade, and we need their perspective on the city so we can understand better what we have to do. And we are addressing our local people, so we can understand better ourselves. We are addressing also our younger population so they learn and not forget. And we are addressing our elders because we need their wisdom. In the end, we are addressing Belgrade telling it to come out of the shadow.

What do we like in Belgrade?

Its wonderful imperfection.


Enough said. You discover the rest for yourselves...

• Location: Belgrade, Serbia
• Founded: June, 2019
• Contact e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• Social:    facebook    twitter    youtube    instagram  
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