Pioneers park

Pioneers park, located in the very heart of the city, bounded by the Old Palace (now City Hall) and the New Palace (now Presidential Palace), and overlooking the National Assembly, is a truly unique place.

Pionirski presBetween two world wars, it formed part of the royal complex, together with the royal garden. Back then, the two palaces were connected, not physically but urbanistically, by an arched shaped building, which made the whole complex looking like a real royal court with two large wings. But after the WWII and Tito's communists came to power, it changed it looks and it was named "Pioneers" after "Tito's Pioneers", organization of youngsters soon to become members of communist party. The central building was removed in 1957, because, the word is, some high party official demanded so, as it stood in the way and prevented him from seeing the building of the National Assembly from his office in the Old Palace.

Pionirski NAIt is a peaceful and quiet spot in the middle of an urban jungle. Monument to the most famous Serbian female painter Nadežda Petrović is located there, as well as the fountain called "Girld with a jug".

Monument to Ivo Andrić, Serbian Nobel prize winner, is located at the outskirts of the park, next to the Presidential Palace. There is also writer's appartment, converted into museum.

At the entrance to the park, opposite to the Presidential Palace, there is a monument to the WWI Battle of Kajmakčalan, which at first may seem to you as an ordinary pile of rubble. On the contrary, it is a place of great importance for the Serbian people and their history.



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