Kralja Milana street

Kralja Milana (King Milan street) is one of the central avenues in Belgrade. It goes on from Terazije Square to Slavija Square, for about 1 kilometer.

The street bears the name of King Milan (1854-1901), the first king of modern Serbian state.

Many of the important buildings are located in this street, for example the Old Palace (now Belgrade City Hall), the New Palace (now Presidential Palace), and the Yugoslav Drama Theater. A memorialmuseum/appartment of the famous Serbian paintor Paja Jovanović is situated in this street, and also Ivo Andrić Square, dedicated to the Nobel Prize winner Serbian writer. A popular "Cvetni trg" (eng. Flower Square) with lots of flower shops and coffee places is located there.

A famous and once the tallest building in Belgrade ("Beogradjanka", eng. Belgrade Palace) is rising high above the street. Walking from the Terazije Square to Slavija Square, you can see also a monumental St. Sava's church, one of the largest christian cathedrals in the world.


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