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Krsmanović house

This building is constructed in late 19th century. It was temporarily used as a royal palace, after the Great War (World War I).

Year of construction: 1885

Architecture: in the spirit of 19th century academism.

Location: 34, Terazije street, Stari Grad district

Nearby: Hotel "Moskva", Palace "Athens", Balkanska street, Iguman's Palace, Old Assicurazioni Generali palace, Palace "Anker", Old Bank of Smederevo Building, Old Ministry of Justice building, Palace "Albania", Old Palace (now City Hall), Nikola Pašić square, National Assembly of Serbia, Republic square, Knez Mihailova street, Terazije fountain, Hotel "Balkan", Old Export Bank building, House of Vuk's Foundation, Zeleni Venac

History: The house is of great historical importance. It was the place where the union of the South Slavs where proclaimed in 1918, as the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (since 1929 Yugoslavia).

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