Tesla Museum (Genčić house)

The family house of Djordje Genčić, renowed Serbian politician from the late 19th century, hosts the collection of Nikola Tesla's items and personal belongings.

Year of construction: 1927-1929

Architecture: academism

Location: Krunska street, no. 51, Vračar district

Nearby: Building at 52 Prote Mateje street, Faculty of Law, Hotel Metropol Palace, University Library, Tašmajdan park


Nikola Tesla Museum was founded in 1952, and opened in 1955. The museum guards Tesla's scientific and personal legacy, and all of his belongings were moved from New York to Belgrade in 1951 by his own wish.

There is a vast documentation of Tesla's papers, letters, drawings and other manuscripts that gives us a precious insight on his work and his personal life. The museum also has a reading room with books and magazines from Tesla's personal library.

The exhibition rooms show us models, layouts and pictures of Tesla's inventions, but also his personal items.

Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest inventors of all times. He was born and raised in Serbian-Orthodox family, in the village of Smiljan (then Austrian Empire, now Croatia) with predominant Serbian population, but most of his life he spent in the United States. He visited Belgrade just once, in 1892. During his visit, that lasted less than 2 days, he was decorated with the "Order of St. Sava, II Class", he was received by the king Alexander Obrenović, he visited the National Museum and the University, where he gave lecture to students and professors.

"As you can see and hear, I remained a Serb even though I live far away, overseas, where I do experiments. You should do the same, with your knowledge and work you should spread the glory of the Serbian name in the world", said Tesla to the students.

Tesla's birthday, July 10th, is celebrated in Serbia as the Day of Science.


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