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National Assembly of Serbia

Stand-alone monumental building of the National Assembly of Serbia is one of the most beautiful structures in the city, and you cannot miss it.

Year of construction: 1936Skupstina1

Architecture: academism

Location: 13, Nikola Pašić square, Stari Grad district

Nearby: Nikola Pašić square, Historical Museum of Serbia, Old Palace (now City Hall), St. Mark`s Church, Old Telephone Co. building, Tašmajdan Park, Pioneers Park, Main Post Office, New Palace (now Presidential Palace), Terazije Square

BlackHorsesPlayHistory: This building was being constructed for almost 30 years (started in 1907) due to the Balkan Wars (1912/13) and the Great War (WWI, 1914-1918), which halted the progress. The place for the House of Parliament was chosen on a basis of the historical importance. Namely, close to this spot, on November 30th,1830, the Great People's Assembly was held and the Hati-Sheriff from the Turkish Sultan was read, granting Serbia's autonomy from the Ottoman rule. However, on the exact spot of today's National Assembly of Serbia there was a Turkish mosque. On the occasion of the grand opening, on October 18th, 1936, Stevan Ćirić, the president of the Parliament, said: "It is not a shame that it took us so long to complete this work, because meanwhile we have built our beautiful country". On the stairway to the front entrance there are two magnificent sculptures of Serbian sculptor Toma Risandić called "Black horses at play", placed there in 1938.

SkupstinaTrue Story? Some say that, apart from the above mentioned problems, the construction was also being dragged out because King Alexander was obstructing it in various ways. Apparently, a prophet told him that he would die upon the construction of this monumental building. In1934, roughly, the edifice was errected, the works on the exterior were completed, and King Alexander was assassinated in Marseille.

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