Konak Kneza Miloša (Prince Miloš Residence)

The Residence of Prince Miloš Obrenović (the leader of the Second Serbian Uprising against the Turks) is an impressive royal residence, third of that kind built by Serbs in Belgrade.

Year of construction: 1831

Architecture: Oriental style with neoclassical elements on the facade

Location: Topčider Park

Nearby: Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul, The Monument to Archibald Reiss, The Royal Compound (residences built for the Karađorđević royal family) in Dedinje neighbourhood

History: According to the wish of Prince Miloš Obrenović, this residence was built far away from Belgrade's Fortress, where Turkish forces were stationed. It served as the court of the Principality of Serbia, many important decisions were made there and prince Miloš spent his last days in it. Today, The Residence of Prince Miloš is a museum, which houses permanent exhibitions about the life in Serbia in the first half of the 19th century and about Prince Miloš and the royal family Obrenović. It tells stories about turbulent Serbian history under the Turkish occupation and the constant aspiration of the Serbian people for independence. To its beauty, also, contributes one of the symbols of Belgrade - a stunning sycamore tree, more than 160 years old and 34m high, protected as natural rarity.

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