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Gospodar Jevremova street (eng. "Lord Jevrem's street") bears the name of Prince Miloš's father, one of the most educated people of the time and the first commander of liberated city…
Cvetni Trg (eng. "Flower Square") started as a small park in the late 19th century, which grew into an open market. With creation of the Society for Vračar Embellishment, nice…
Vračar Plateau (or St. Sava's Plateau) is located in the wider center of Belgrade, in Vračar district, on the top of the hill, 134 meters above the sea level. It…
Njegoševa street is a nice central street in Belgrade, in Vračar district. It goes from Cvetni Trg (eng. "Flower Square") to Kalenić open green market, in parallel to Krunska street.
One of the main points of traffic in Belgrade is located at Slavija square roundabout. From this spot there are roads virtually in every direction of the city's urban area.
Kralja Milana (eng. "King Milan street") is one of the central avenues in Belgrade. It goes on from Terazije Square to Slavija Square, for about 1 kilometer.
Terazije street (or square) is the ground zero, the central point of the city. Like Puerta del Sol in Madrid, for example. All tourist expeditions should start here.
Andrićev Venac is a semi-pedestrian street in the center of Belgrade. It consists of two parts, in total about 200 meters long.
Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra (King Aleksander blvd) is the longest street in Belgrade, and one of the longest European avenues, with cca. 8 kilometers of length.
Kneza Miloša street is a large avenue that connects city center with the highway. It goes for about 1.5 kilometers, from the National Assembly to Mostar interchange.
Krunska (Crown) street is located in the city center, Vračar district. It goes on for 1.5 kilometers, in parallel with King Alexander blvd. Tesla Museum is here, at no. 51.
Knez Mihailova street is a famous pedestrian zone in the very center of Belgrade. Throughout the history this road represented the heart of urban life in the city.
Balkanska street is a street that led many of the newcomers from the Main Railway Station to the city center back in the old days. Now it is just a…
Svetogorska street is one of the major central city streets. It goes for about 500 meters, from Takovska street to Politika square (and tower).
Hilandarska street is a quiet street in the center of the city, less than 400 meters long. It goes from Radio Belgrade building and Politika daily newspaper tower to George…
Skadarska street is the main promenade and center of Skadarlija bohemian district.
Obilićev Venac street forms a continuous pedestrian zone in the center of the city with Knez Mihailova street.
Nemanjina street covers relatively short distance between Slavija square and the Old Main Railway Station.
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