Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra

Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra (King Aleksander blvd) is the longest street in Belgrade, and one of the longest European avenues, with 7.5 kilometers of length.

It was named in 1895 after the reigning Serbian king Alexander Obrenović (ruled from 1889-1903). After the WWII it was renamed to Red Army Boulevard for a short period of time, and from 1952 until 1997 this avenue was officially called Boulevard of Revolution.

By the Urban planning project from 1927 the majority of the most important buildings in this street were constructed in the predominant style of Academism. So, when you go from the National Assembly of Serbia, on your left you will immediately notice a building of the Main Post Office (1938), and on your right the Czech Embassy (1927). Moving on, on your left is a magnificent St. Mark's church (1940) and Tašmajdan Park. On the right (corner with Resavska street) stands a beautiful neoclassical building from 1926, like the one on the following corner (with Svetozara Markovića street). On the next intersection stands the Faculty of Law (1938), then the University Library (1926) and the Faculty of Technical Sciences (1931). Further on there is a monument to the father of Serbian Language Vuk Karadžić, and Cyril and Metodius Park, ending with a wonderful building of the Students' Home "King Alexander I" (who financed its construction in 1928). And it goes on through various Belgrade districts.

But if you turn left at the Vuk Karadžić monument, to Ruzveltova street (Theodore Roosevelt blvd.) you will reach the New Cemetery, the Jewish Cemetery and the Cemetery to the Liberators of Belgrade. Nearby is the famous "Pioneer" Hall of Sports (used predominantly for basketball, now called "Aleksandar Nikolić Hall of Sports").

If you turn right at the Vuk Karadžić monument, you will go directly to St. Sava's cathedral.


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