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Epic Belgrade tour

Ground Zero - Terazije square
Terazije square
Three districts, covering a large portion of the center of the city, are symbolically tied with one of the essential points from Serbian history, and that's famous Kosovo Battle, from 1389, when the Serbs halted the Ottoman Turks and prevented them of invading Europe. Those districts are bearing names of Serbian heroes who died defending their homeland - Miloš Obilić (→Obilićev Venac), Milan Toplica (→Topličin Venac), and Ivan Kosančić (→Kosančićev Venac). Miloš Obilić is an iconic figure in Serbian history and the greatest hero of all, as he murdered Sultan Murat during the battle, for which he payed the ultimate price. Obilićev Venac goes from Knez Mihailova street (you enter passing by Palace "Albania" and after 50 meters turn left opposite to Republic square) and in parallel with Knez Mihailova street directly to Topličin Venac. This is a pedestrian area with lots of very nice coffee shops and bars. Topličin Venac is a large square with a park in the center, and the monument to Vojvoda Vuk, highly decorated military commander from the Balkan Wars and the Great War. Museum of Applied Arts is located there, as well as classical Palace Hotel, and nice little square commonly known as the "Rooster". Down the road, Kosančićev Venac is located, with very nice cobblestone area, and a great view on the river and New Belgrade. There is also a very nice house of Serbian mathematician Mihailo Petrović aka "Alas" (eng. "Fisherman"), then Princess Ljubica's Residence museum, the oldest tavern in the city called "Question Mark", Cathedral Church of St. Michael, and building of the Patriarchate. An area that you should definitely feel. It is next to King Peter's street and Belgrade Fortress, one of Belgrade's main landmarks. So, take a walk...

2. "Russian Tzar"

⬅️ Turn left to Obilićev Venac

3. Straight forward to Topličin Venac


4. Head towards King Peter's street

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Here's what you find most interesting in Belgrade
  • TeslaMuseum

    Tesla Museum

    The museum guards Tesla's scientific and personal legacy, with his belongings that were moved from New York to Belgrade in 1951 by his own wish. The exhibition rooms show us models, layouts and pictures of Tesla's inventions, but also his personal items.
  • StSavaChurch

    St. Sava's Church

    Cathedral ("Temple", as the Serbs call it) of Saint Sava is one of the 5 largest orthodox churches in the world, and the largest one in the Balkans (South-Eastern Europe). The basis of the church is 91x81 meters and it is about 70 meters high. It is the symbol of Serbian essence, pride, tradition, and freedom.
  • TheVictor

    Belgrade Fortress

    Belgrade Fortress is situated on the hill, overlooking the confluence of the river Sava and the Danube. It started as a Roman military camp in the early 1 century AD, growing into a simple fortification, and over the time into a true and powerful fortress. Until present day it remained within the boundaries of the old town and city's center.
  • StMarksChurch

    St. Mark's Church

    This monumental five-domed church was being built from 1931 to 1939, in Serbo-Byzantine style of architecture, designed after monastery Gračanica (built by Serbian king Milutin in 1321). Inside you can see the tomb of Serbia's biggest Emperor, Tzar Dušan (1308-1355), made in marble.
  • PeopleOfBelgrade

    People of Belgrade

    The people of Belgrade learned to accept everybody with open heart. They will bring you home to lunch even if they just met you, because hospitality is valued high and no one should leave Serbia with an empty stomach. They are fun to talk to and normally well educated.
  • Food&Rakija

    Food & Rakija

    Food in Belgrade, and Serbia in general, is great and abundant. You will try everything and you will not get enough of it. And Rakija alcoholic beverage (ger. Schnapps, en. Cider, ita. Grappa) is something that you should definitely try. There are various kinds, made of fruit, and the most recognizable is "Šljivovica" (plum cider).

Our Suggestions

Here's what we suggest you to visit
  • IvoAndricIcon

    Ivo Andrić monument and museum

    Nobel Prize for Literature
    Visit Andrićev Venac street in the very center of the city, at the outskirts of Pioneers' Park, with the monument dedicated to the famous writer in front of the building where he lived in an appartment that is converted into his museum. It's next to the New Palace (now Presidential Palace) and in the immediate vecinity of the Old Palace (now City Hall) and the National Assembly of Serbia.
  • Skadarlija rec


    Bohemian District
    Skadarlija is considered to be Belgrade`s Monmartre, as in the late 19th and early 20th century it was populated by actors and all kinds of various artists, such as poets and paintors. Now it is mainly a tourist attraction, place where you can eat great traditional food in an unforgettable atmosphere, especially in the evening, created by bands playing traditional and ethno music.
  • Kosancic

    Kosančićev Venac

    Historical District
    Recognizable by cobblestone streets and charming vintage atmosphere, this is maybe the nicest neighborghood in the city. Historically, this is the part of town where Serbs lived throughout the centuries. Surrounded by a beautiful Krsmanović house (now Austrian Embassy), then the building of the Patriarchate, Cathedral Church of St. Michael, and Princess Ljubica Residence, this is a place of the utmost cultural importance and heritage.
  • Promenade

    Belgrade on the rivers

    Belgrade is perfectly placed at the confluence of the river Sava into the Danube. There are so many nice places down by the rivers, both in the old part of the city and in New Belgrade. There are also famous "splavovi" (riverboat nightclubs) where people can enjoy all kinds of music and live performances virtually every night. Belgrade Waterfront, currently under construction, is providing a long promenade on the old city river bank, while on the other side (New Belgrade - Zemun), there is more than 10 km of path by the river.
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