Tašmajdan park

Tašmajdan, one of central parks in Belgrade, is located no more than 200 meters from the National Assembly. The name of the place "Tašmajdan" is of Turkish origin and it means "quarry", as it is believed that the Romans pulled out rocks from this place and used it, among other things, for building the Belgrade Fortress in the old days.

Tash winter12Because of that, beneath the park is a very complex way of tunnels, that served for different purposes over the time. It provided refuge for Serbian rebels during the First Serbian uprising against the Ottoman Turks in 1806, for example. Serbian Orthodox Church is using some of the underground facilities for safeguarding their relics, and Nazi-Germans had their warehouses there throughout the course of the World War II. Some of the tunnels are now open to visitors.

In the first half of the 19th century on the spot of today's park was the cemetery, which was moved by the beginning of 1900's. However, a large number of graves were left in the ground. The plans for constructing the park were made before the WWII, but only in 1954 it was officially open. Some of the headstones that were left from the cemetery were used to pave the surface, especially the steps, and it was visible to the sharp eye. You could notice years of birth or death under your feet as you stroll through the park.

In 2011, the park was renovated with the donation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It got a new surface, with children playgrounds, tracks for jogging, and a "singing fountain". But still you will get the sensation of walking over the graves, as those were never moved from this place.
St. Mark's Church (Chirtian Orthodox church, photo on top) is located in the outskirts of the park. Probably the most beautiful church in Belgrade, it represents a true Serbo-Byzantine style of architecture.

Serbian emperor Tzar Dušan (1308-1355), the most powerful Serbian ruler who spread state borders throughout the Balkan peninsula in the 14th century, is buried inside.
Behind St. Mark's Church, a small Russian-Orthodox church of the Holy Trinity is located. The headquarters of the Radio-Television of Serbia, the official public TV and Radio broadcaster, are also situated on the border of the park.

Leaned on the hill of carved stones lies "Tašmajdan Stadium", a place where you can ice skate during the winter, play basketball during the springtime and summer, listen to concerts, or watch all kinds of different sports events under the clear (or not so much) sky above.


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