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Terazije square/street

Terazije street (or square) is the ground zero, the central point of the city. Like Puerta del Sol in Madrid, for example. All tourist expeditions should start here.

The main landmark of Terazije is the "Terazije fountain", built in 1860, located between two architectural jewels of the city - Hotel Moskva (eng. Hotel Moscow), built in style of the Russian secession in 1908, and Hotel Balkan.

This is the place with lots of hotels, restaurants, caffes, banks and business offices. It goes for about 300 meters, from Palace Albania (the entrance to the Knez Mihailova street, main pedestrian zone of the city) to the Old Palace (now City Hall).

Like Puerta del Sol in Madrid, for example, from this spot there are roads in numerous directions to all city's attractions.

From Terazije you can go down (Prizrenska street) to the Zeleni Venac district (eng. Green Wreath), with large green market and public bus station (direction New Belgrade and Zemun), and further to Branko's bridge and New Belgrade. Or you can go down (Balkanska street) to the old Main Railway Station, and Belgrade Waterfront (currently under construction). Also, you can easily reach the Republic Square, in about 100 meters, with National Museum, Neational Theater, and Knez Mihailo equestrian monument, which is considered as the main public square in Belgrade.

If you take Knez Mihailova street, passing by the monumental skyscraper Palace "Albania" which borders the square as a main landmark and high point of this part of the city, you will reach Belgrade Fortress in about 10 minutes on foot.

If you take a small passage to Nušićeva street, passing by many coffee shops and bars in the upper side of the street which is semi-pedestrian, you'll get to Politika square, with Politika Tower and Old Craftsmen Association Building (now Radio Belgrade) and further to Svetogorska street, Hilandarska street or down towards Skadarlija bohemian district.

Going to the other side, you can reach Nikola Pašić square passing by Iguman's Palace (or through so called "Bezistan", which originates from Oriental culture and means "a covered market place" but here is envisioned as a passage or covered square with various shops, businesses and a fountain, and now closed movie theater "Kozara", due to fire several years ago), with National Assembly of Serbia, and further to Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra (eng. "King Alexander boulevard"), the largest avenue in the city (7.5 kilometers long).

If you move forward along Terazije street, you will pass by Palace "Anker", built 1899 in the style of academism, and Palace "Athens", built in 1902 in renaissance manner, and then you will continue to Kralja Milana street (eng. "King Milan street"), passing by the Old Palace (now City Hall), the New Palace (now Presidential Palace), London square and Belgrade Palace skyscraper, all the way to Slavija square and a little bit further on, to St. Sava's Church, one of the largest christian cathedrals in the world.

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Terazije square


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