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Ušće Tower

Ušće tower is one of the most famous landmarks of Belgrade, which overlooks the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers from the New Belgrade side. It is the tallest building in Belgrade and Serbia (141m, 25 stories, with the addition of a 25m antenna).

Year of construction: 1964

Architecture: Modern skyscraper

Location: Ušće Park, 6 Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard, New Belgrade municipality

Nearby: Ušće Park complex - Confluence of Sava and Danube River, Branko's Bridge, Museum of Contemporary Art, "Six Corporals" buildings, Hyatt Hotel, Crowne Plaza hotel, Palace Serbia, Old Fairground and memorial park, Friendship Park (with Avenue of Peace and the memorial obelisk "Eternal Flame")

UsceTowerHistory: Ušće tower was built in the sixties as the headquarters of the Central Committee (CK) of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, in the newly built part of the city - New Belgrade. The original building had 23 stories and was 105 meters tall. After the destruction of Yugoslavia, the tower was converted into an office building. During the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, the tower was hit 12 times with cruising missiles. It was badly damaged, but did not collapse and remained standing. The trick was in its foundation, brilliantly designed. The steel armature was inserted in a sandy cushion, deep in the soil. And that saved the building from collapsing. After the reconstruction (2003-2005) two additional floors were added, with conference rooms on the 24th and a restaurant on the 25th floor. An observation deck, fitness area and cafe are located on the top floor of the building.

In 2009, in front of the Ušće tower, it was built Ušće shopping mall, a kind of urban sculpture, at the interface of the old and the new city of Belgrade. It is the largest shopping center in Serbia and houses more than a hundred shops, cafes and restaurants, a multiplex cinema with 11 theaters, bowling alleys and amusement arcades as well as a supermarket on an area of ​​4000 m2. It is definitely a world of its own and not just the most affordable place to go shopping in Belgrade, but the best place to come for variety and exploring the offer, especially if you're shopping for gifts.

Fun Fact: Glass windows of the offices are somethimes used for light shows during the evening and at nights, or as proper advertising panels. With the schematics of building's light switches it is easy to converted in a true modern, kind of futuristic billboard.

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