Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Belgrade Tips

Our stories about Belgrade. We are tipping-off what is an absolute must for you to see and learn about our city.
  • "Golden Beluga", turning point in World's history

    You find yourself at Terazije square, near the fountain, asking yourself what to do or see next. Well, very few people will advise you to go and see a nonexistent tavern in an unattractive house that barely stands. If anything, at least it is pretty close.

  • 10 curious things about Belgrade

    We picked up some interesting stuff. Maybe you`ll find it amusing and informative. And maybe you`ll remember some of it when taking a walk through the city.

  • 10 zanimljivosti o Beogradu

    Prikupili smo neke zanimljive podatke o Beogradu. Možda će vam biti zabavno i informativno. A možda ćete se toga i setiti dok budete šetali gradom.

  • Belgrade Fortress: A poetry walkthrough

    On a vast terrain of the Belgrade Fortress there is a pretty big Kalemegdan Park, a place of serenity, nature and walking paths that cuddle the statues of Serbia's finest people. We took a "poetry walk", and said hello to some of the greatest Serbian writers you can meet there.

  • Belgrade is gloomy and inexplicably beautiful

    Like the house on the photo - aged, tormented, gloomy, and worn out, barely standing, cold, scary, and mysterious, but once beautiful and now charming to the inexplicability, Belgrade is the city that has to be understood beyond a simple look.

  • Crossroads: Resavska st. x Kralja Milana st.

    What you must do when in Belgrade is to place yourself at the crossroads of Resavska street and Kralja Milana street, and take a look around in every direction.

  • Eyes on Belgrade, Winter Edition

    We hardly get to see snow in Belgrade in recent years. My friend Luci, from Argentina, told me that in her native city of Buenos Aires they never see it, or maybe once every fifty to hundred years. And it made me think. What are childhood memories without snow? And it made me remember.

  • History: An incident bound to happen

    They call it an incident, but it was long time coming. Serbia's struggle for independence in the 19th century lasted more than 60 years. The final act took place at Čukur fountain (ser. Čukur česma), in Belgrade's Dorćol district, in 1862.

  • Kopitareva Gradina: the spirit of an old Belgrade

    A 10-minute walk from Republic square will get you to Kopitareva Gradina, a rectangular shaped small park and square bounded by one or two-storey houses and buildings, leftovers of an old Belgrade which disappears.

  • London, quite a popular place in Belgrade?!

    London, Belgrade, like Paris, Texas, on a smaller scale. There is an unofficial London Square in Belgrade, or the whole neighborhood as some locals argue, that the people refer to just as "London". Every local knows it and often meet with friends "kod Londona" (eng. "at London"). Wanna know why?

  • Meeting point of three religions

    Situated between East and West, between Orient and Occident, Belgrade's fortune changed over the course of history, as well as its predominant religious orientation.

  • Not an ordinary pile of rubble

    In the very heart of the city, at the outskirts of Pioneers Park, located between the National Assembly of Serbia and the Presidential Palace, there is a seemengly large pile of rubble that even most of the citizens of Belgrade, walking past it several times a day, do not know what it stands for. And yet this is the place of great historical importance for Serbia.

  • Raise your head when you walk

    When you walk the streets of Belgrade, you may find garbage on the pavement if you look down, or see gloomy people if you look straight forward, but raise your head, believe us, you'll be surprised.

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