Kneza Miloša street

Kneza Miloša street is a large avenue that connects city center with the highway. It goes for about 1.5 kilometers, from the National Assembly to Mostar interchange.

The street is named after Knez Miloš Obrenović (Prince Miloš, born in 1780, died 1860), who led the people in the Second Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Turks (1815-1817), which resulted in gaining the autonomous status of the Serbian lands and consequently a full independence.

State administration offices are located in this street, such as the Ministry of Finances. The General Staff headquarters were located there, but were severely bombed in 1999 by the NATO Alliance, and the remains are still visible, as well as former Yugoslav Ministry of Defense. Also, many embassies were/are placed in this street, such as German, Croatian, Polish, Canadian and the US (before it was moved to another location).

Other than that, this street is mainly residential. It crosses Nemanjina street, making a big intersection. The monument to Knez Miloš is nearby, at the Financial Park, that covers a large space in triangulation with Nemanjina street.

At the end of this avenue, if you do not go to the highway (access directly to E-75/E-70, going north to the Hungarian/Croatian border, and south along A-1 to the city of Niš), you may continue further to Košutnjak and Topčider parks, or make a left to go to the Museum of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito Mausoleum, FC Partizan stadium, Dedinje district (with luxurous private villas) and the royal White Castle.

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