Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Svetogorska street

A view on Svetogorska street and Politika tower

Svetogorska street is one of the major central city streets. It goes for about 500 meters, from Takovska street to Politika square (and tower).

This a very old and very beautiful street, from the architectural and the historical point of view. With lots of richly ornamented facades, it shows the glamour of the old Belgrade (like Uroš Predić Studio House at 27 Svetogorska street, built in the fashion of Art Nouveau.

The headquarters of Radio Belgrade (as of 1947 in the building of the Craftsmen Association, errected in 1933), is marking the beginning of the street. Further along the road, the House of Jevrem Grujić is located, a beautiful museum which gives you an insight of the public and private life of the Serbian aristocracy before the World War II. Next to it, you'll find the famous Atelje 212 theater.

Moving on, you'll see one of the best bakeries in the city, called "Pekara Aca" (at street no. 25), where you can take a break and treat yourself with breakfast, sweets, or even lunch.

The street got its name from Sveta Gora (eng. Holy Mount), located on the holy mount of Athos, in Greece, the place of great cultural and religious importance for Serbs, as there is a vast complex of Serbian Orthodox monasteries built there by the Serbian medieval ruler Stefan Nemanja and his son, the first archbishop of the Serbian Church - Saint Sava. 

Open Heart Street in Svetogorska st.

Traditionally, on New Year's Day, Svetogorska street is becoming the Street of Open Heart, with live music, street artists and other entertaining events. For more than 50 years, on January 1, the people are gathering in front of Atelje 212 theater and stroll down the street, making this place one of the central New Year's attractions in Belgrade. There are a lot of kids, especially, attending the event and enjoying the program with their parents.

In parallel with Svetogorska street lies Hilandarska street, which bears the name of the biggest and greatest monastery on Mount Athos - Hilandar.

Reaching the end of the street, before the intersection with Takovska street, you will see an outstanding building of the Old Commercial Academy, representing one of the finest samples of Serbo-Byzantine style of architecture.


Old Commercial Academy building

Old Commercial Academy

Originally constructed as the Commercial Academy, this building now houses Law and Business high-school.

Year of construction: 1926

Architecture: Serbo-Byzantine style

Location: 48, Svetogorska, Stari Grad district


Uroš Predić Studio house

Uroš Predić Studio

This wonderful building served as the art studio of the famous Serbian paintor Uroš Predić (1857-1953).

Year of construction: 1908

Architecture: Art Nouveau

Location: 27, Svetogorska street, Stari Grad district

It served as the art studio of the famous Serbian paintor Uroš Predić (1857-1953), where he spent most of his creative life and painted his most notable works. He is the author of maybe the most recognizable Serbian painting - "Kosovka devojka" (eng. Kosovo Maiden), finished in 1919, and guarded nowadays in Belgrade City Museum. It depicts a simple maiden giving water to the hero after Kosovo Battle in 1389, which is considered as the pride and the essence of the Serbian being.

The house was originally built for Josif Predić, Uroš's brother, and his family. Uroš's studio was a gift from his brother, who separated one wing to make a workplace for the painter. After his death, this house remained an artistic heaven, as all of the future tenants were connected in one way or another to the fine arts.


Jevrem Grujić House museum 

Jevrem Grujić House Museum

Jevrem Grujić House museum is located in Svetogorska street, next to the famous "Atelje 212" theater. It represents a spirit of an era, and It is a testimony of quotidian life in Belgrade in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Architectural style: Academism

Year of construction: 1896

Location: 17, Svetogorska st.

It is a two-storey house, a regular home, with all of its amenities, but richly decorated, with stylish furniture, many artworks, paintings and other pieces that form the legacy of Grujić family. Now it is possible for you to feel the atmosphere of being in a proper 19th century home, to turn back time, and to learn about the way of life, tradition and culture of Belgrade and its people.

Jevrem Grujić House Museum // Take the step into the history, Serbian tradition, and the avant-garde
Working hours 3 pm - 6 pm (Thursday, Friday), 11 am - 4 pm (Saturday, Sunday), closed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Detailed info: Visit the Official Web-Site



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