Belgrade, Republic of Serbia


Precious pieces of architecture you can find in Belgrade.
  • Kosančićev Venac, historical district of a charming beauty


    Kosančićev Venac is a very beautiful district in the historical part of Belgrade, next to Belgrade Fortress, overlooking river Sava.

  • Kralja Milana st.

    Kralja Milana (eng. "King Milan street") is one of the central avenues in Belgrade. It goes on from Terazije Square to Slavija Square, for about 1 kilometer.

  • Kralja Petra st., the spirit of an old Belgrade

    King Peter's street (ser. "Ulica Kralja Petra") is possibly the most beautiful street in Belgrade. It goes from Kosančićev Venac neighborhood (and the building of the Patriarchate, in the immediate vecinity of the Belgrade Fortress), crosses Knez Mihailova street, and continues further on all the way to Emperor Dušan street. It is very long and reasonably narrow street (stretches 1 km), and it is connecting two historical districts, Savamala and Dorćol.

  • Republic square

    Formerly known as "Theater Square", after the magnificent building of the National Theater which was built in 1869 when the whole place began to get its shape, Trg Republike (Republic Square) is, together with Terazije Square, the principal spot in the center of the city.

  • Savamala and Belgrade Waterfront

    Savamala historical district is located down by the river, and it represents one of the oldest parts of the city. The new Belgrade Waterfront is now built in continuation, making the right bank of the river Sava the most attractive city property.

  • Savski square and monument to Stefan Nemanja

    For a long time, Savski square was a meeting point of weary passengers from the interior and busy locals. This place also witnessed, in 1892, the genius Serbian inventor, Nikola Tesla, getting off the train from Budapest to be decorated with the Order of Saint Sava and to give a lecture at the University of Belgrade.

  • Terazije

    Terazije street (or square) is the ground zero, the central point of the city. Like Puerta del Sol in Madrid, for example. All tourist expeditions should start here.

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