Belgrade, Republic of Serbia


The most beautiful parks and green spaces in Belgrade.
  • Belgrade Fortress

    Belgrade Fortress is situated on the hill, overlooking the confluence of the river Sava into the Danube. It started as a Roman military camp in the early 1st century AD, growing into a simple fortification, and over the time into a true and powerful fortress. Until present day it remained within the boundaries of the old town and city's center.

  • Belgrade Fortress: A poetry walkthrough

    On a vast terrain of the Belgrade Fortress there is a pretty big Kalemegdan Park, a place of serenity, nature and walking paths that cuddle the statues of Serbia's finest people. We took a "poetry walk", and said hello to some of the greatest Serbian writers you can meet there.

  • Beogradska tvrđava i park Kalemegdan

    Beogradska tvrđava se nalazi na uzvišenju, odakle se pruža predivan pogled na ušće Save u Dunav. Nastala kao rimski vojni kamp početkom 1. veka nove ere, polako je prerasla u jednostavno utvrđenje, a vremenom i u pravu i moćnu tvrđavu. Do danas je ostala u granicama starog, centralnog dela grada.
  • Bothanical Garden "Jevremovac"

    Located in Takovska street, 10-minute walk from the National Assembly of Serbia and city center, this bothanical garden represents a true oasis in otherwise cold and hard urban surroundings.

  • Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra

    Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra (King Aleksander blvd.) is the longest street in Belgrade, and one of the longest European avenues, with cca. 8 kilometers of length.

  • Crkva Svetog Marka i park Tašmajdan

    Crkva Svetog Marka nalazi se u centru Beograda, u Tašmajdanskom parku. Izgrađena je na mestu stare crkve Svetog Marka, koja je podignuta tridesetih godina 19. veka.
  • Pioneers' Park

    Pioneers park, located in the very heart of the city, bounded by the Old Palace (now City Hall) and the New Palace (now Presidential Palace), and overlooking the National Assembly, is a truly unique place.

  • St. Mark's Church and Tašmajdan Park

    St. Mark's Church is located in the center of Belgrade, in Tašmajdan park. It was built on the place of the old St. Mark's Church, which was constructed in 1830's.

  • Topčider Park

    One of Belgrade's favorite places for having a picnic or small weekend excursion. if you are staying in the city for a longer period of time, be sure to visit it as it is close to the center (approx. 10 minutes by car if there is no too much traffic, or 30 minutes by public transport).

  • Ušće Park complex

    Ušće park complex is a huge green space and promenade by the river on New Belgrade's side. It consists of Ušće Park, Staro Sajmište Memorial Park (photo above) and Friendship Park.

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