Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Inside St. Sava's Church

Magnificent mosaic walls of St. Sava's will make you stare in admiration and bedazzle you.

St. Mark's Church in winter
Santa Claus climbing the balcony

Funny looking ornaments are everywhere to be seen during the winter.

New Year's Concerts

Traditionally, in front of the National Assembly of Serbia, Belgraders and their guests celebrate New Year's festivities listening to top regional music stars performing on the grand stage.

A view on Kosančićev Venac

A view on Kosančićev Venac and the Tower Bell of the Cathedral Church of St. Michael from Belgrade Fortress.

Tram at Tašmajdan station

Belgrade Tram decorated with National Museum of Serbia promo paintings.

Building of the French Embassy

Originally envisioned and constructed for the purpose of holding the offices of the French Embassy in Belgrade, this outstanding building is one of the most interesting architectural pieces you can find in the city. It was built back in 1933, in the spirit of modern pre-WWII architecture,

Carousel at Republic Square

Kids' Carousel placed at Republic square, beside the Ice rink and in front of the National Museum of Serbia during the winter festivities.

A view across the river

A charming view across Sava river and to New Belgrade.

Inside the Church of St. Mark

One of the most beautiful churches in Belgrade, constructed right before the start of WWII, is finally beginning to get pained inside with a beautiful iconography.

Retro fashion

Belgrade is a mixture of architectural styles, of the East and the West, Belgrade is retro and avant-garde at the same time, Belgrade grasped everything and everyone without prejudices.

Victor taken down

One of the main symbols of Belgrade, the statue of the Victor at Belgrade Fortress, is taken down for maintenance. Should be back there by March, 2020.

St. Sava's reflection

In Belgrade you can often see very closely associated structures of different architectural kind, which adds to the overall impression of an unparalleled atmosphere.

Analog vs Digital

In Belgrade you can still see some of the vintage stuff that has been long gone and forgotten in the West.

Flower Square

Especially in spring and summer, this place is crowded with people sitting in gardens of numerous bars and coffee shops, surrounded by very nice buildings, in the shade of a 200-years-old Oak tree, and with a view on Belgrade Palace skyscraper, one of the most emblematic symbols of the city.

Toblerone Building

One of the finest examples of Brutalism in Belgrade's architecture can be found in Karaburma district.

Heading towards St. Sava's

Walking down Kralja Milana street you can sense the spirit of a classical Belgrade, looking around at the richly ornamented facades, while in the distance stands out the magnificent St. Sava's Church.

Belgrade, the city of contrasts

You cannot define Belgrade. It's eclectic, to say the least. See for yourself.

Museum of African Art

The Museum of African art is the first and only museum in the region entirely dedicated to the cultures and arts of the African Continent. It is located close to Topčider Park. Temporary exhibitions and markets that are frequently organized give you a chance to buy some of traditional African artwork.

Building at 52, Prote Mateje st.

If you find yourself in front of the Nikola Tesla Museum, take the side street (Prote Mateje st.) towards King Alexander blvd. and look at number 52. Surely, you will be dazzled. You'll see a remarkable building from 1912, designed in the spirit of academism with the influence of secession on the facade decoration.

Street Art by TKV

Belgrade is famous for its urban artists that are leaving a pretty big mark on the city with their work.

Belgrade Marathon

Belgrade Marathon through the streets of Belgrade is an event with 30 years of tradition. You see a portion of the track that goes through a rather old Socialist area of New Belgrade.

Corner of Čubrina and Ivan Begova st.

Somewhere in-between Topličin Venac and Kosančićev Venac, in a central and classical part of Belgrade.

Ada Ciganlija Docks

A marina on the Sava river, by Ada Lake, which is commonly reffered to as Belgrade Seaside.

Ruins in Kneza Miloša street

A view on the old building of the Generalstaff, in the center of Belgrade, which was severely bombarded during NATO campaign against Yugoslavia in 1999.

A view from Hilandarska street

An interesting building in Hilandarska street, and, in the distance, Politika Tower, the headquarters of "Politika" daily newspaper, which is the most distinguished paper in Serbia, with 115 years of tradition.

A view from Belgrade Fortress

Statue of the Victor overlooks Sava river and gaze across New Belgrade. Photo taken before the statue was pulled down for maintenance, and before the completion of the second Ušće Tower across the river.

Belgrade Moments

Belgrade in moments - gallery of photos.