Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Anna from Poland and her sensation of being at home
Belgrade, a place that you can make your own / by Brian Greco
From the end of the world to the heart of the Balkans - Hola Serbia!
The newly reconstructed Savski square with the monument to Stefan Nemanja, explained in detail!
The Mamuchos in Belgrade

People holding banner Eyes on Belgrade

A view on Belgrade roofs at sunset - the list of Belgrade's main points of interests, places and architecture EoB monuments1



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Our mission

EoBlogo tr yt waterWhat we want to do is bring yet another perspective on Belgrade, from the personal experiences of foreigners, or devoted locals. We do not want to suggest anything, we want to tell stories about Belgrade, seen with the eyes of complete strangers, as well as of those in love with Belgrade. We want your subjective thoughts about the things you liked, disliked, about the overall atmosphere you felt during your stay. We do not want to make things nicer, we want to make it real, and from that hopefully help this city grow better.

Our target group

We are addressing...
... strangers, outsiders who want to come to Belgrade.
... people, who want to share their experiences.
... our locals, so we can understand better ourselves.
... our youngsters, so they learn and not forget.
... our elders, because we need their wisdom.

In the end, we are addressing Belgrade, to come out of the shadow!