Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Sid from Pune City, India

Hello, my name is Siddharth Pathak but you can call me Sidd for short. I'm a multidisciplinary artist from India, currently in Belgrade, working on a global art project that is also self-initiated. I am engaged in visual art, experimental films, experimental audio, painting, a little bit of performance art, as well as writing poetry. Installation and sculpture is also something that I have started to explore recently.

Christy's Serbian adventure
Christy You comes from China. She really likes traveling but she had to work for 5-6 years to save enough money to be able to indulge in her passion. Now, she travels two times a year during vacations, as she works in school. Belgrade, and Serbia, are the first European and Western city and country that she has ever visited. She told us that she was "super excited coming here".

People holding banner Eyes on Belgrade