Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

So you see these weird signs and you wonder what's that all about? That's Cyrilic script, you know. Similar to the one they use in Russia, or Bulgaria. But the good thing is that we also use Latin alphabet, so most of the time you can get an idea of what is written.

Ever seen a woman (or a man, for that matter) and thought that even in rags she (or he) would look pretty? Sure you have. How about a building? Well, Belgrade is the perfect place for you to start thinking that way.

Modern ways are here, and they are always here. At present. Sneaky, they are wrapping their claws around us while we are busy thinking about space, our personal space. Suddenly, we are caught off guard when we realize that the world changed. Like it wasn't changing all the time.

If only Arsenije Njegovan could wake up now and see you sitting on the stairs at Flower square, what would he whisper to you, Borislav? I cannot recall if some of the buildings around here were his. It was a long time ago I read your book. But never mind that. I advise all of you guys to read it, as Pekić's literary work is outstanding.

The trees don't appreciate art. In summer, at least. In autumn and winter they become architecture friendly. And over the course of time people made quite an effort to dazzle the public with facade decorations and all kinds of architectural features a house or building could have. In the end, hardly anyone pays attention.

A View on Belgrade

People holding banner Eyes on Belgrade