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Until March 1, 2021

Nemanjić Dynasty explanatory exhibition

Nemanjić Dynasty explanatory exhibition

After the unveiling of the monument to Stefan Nemanja, at the newly reconstructed Savski Square , the explanatory panels were assembled behind the monument and in front of the old Main Railway Station (soon to be converted to the Historical Museum of Serbia), showing the members of Nemanjić royal dynasty and their biography.


Until March 29, 2020

Serbian Royal Portraits

Serbian Royal Portraits

Portraits of the members of Karadjordjević and Obrenović royal dynasties by the masters of Serbian painting (Paja Jovanović, Uroš Predić, Steva Todorović and others) are on display in Jevrem Grujić House Museum until March 29, 2020. Beside the paintings, you can see various personal items that belonged to Serbian royalty. Find out more about the museum here.


December 13, 2019 - March 31, 2020

Display of Monastery Studenica at the gallery of Serbian Academy of Arts and Culture in Knez Mihailova street

The Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of the Monastery of Studenica

This contemporary exhibition of classical Serbian cultural heritage and one of the UNESCO's World Heritage Sites uses modern technology mixed with actual artefacts to present and explain Serbia's culture, national pride and essence, embedded in Monastery "Studenica", built by the founder of Serbian medieval state and one of the key figures in Serbian history, Stefan Nemanja, in 1196. The display forms part of the festivities celebrating 800 years of independence of the Serbian-Orthodox Church, accomplished by Stefan Nemanja's son and maybe the most revered person in Serbia ever, Rastko (aka St. Sava), in 1219. The exhibition is on display in the Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, in Knez Mihailova street. The entrance is free of charge.


December 19 - December 29, 2019

Caption from Miroslav's Gospel promo at the National Museum

"Miroslavljevo Jevandjelje" on display in the National Museum

The Miroslav's Gospel from 1180, the oldest surviving written document in Serbian Cyrilic script and a precious and priceless proof of Serbian literacy executed in 362 illuminated pages is now on display at the National Museum of Serbia, at Republic Square. In 2005 the book is inscribed in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register for its exceptional cultural value and importance. Due to very specific conditions of safeguarding, this book will only be available to the general audience for 10 days. Then it will be secured once again. Until the next occasion. So, hurry up! The admission to the museum is 300 RSD (cca. 2.5 euros).


December 17, 2019 - February 02, 2020

Exhibition of Meštrović's artwork, head of Miloš Obilić and the Sphinx

Sculptures of Ivan Meštrović (1883-1962)

Ivan Meštrović was one of the most prominent artists in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, between the two world wars, and most certainly the iconic figure of Yugoslav sculpture. This wonderful exhibition of 40 works is now on display at the National Museum of Serbia, at Republic Square. The pieces that are assembled form part of the collection of the National Museum. Among many of the precious pieces of his artistic legacy, you can admire giant head and the figure of Serbian hero from the Battle of Kosovo - Miloš Obilić, heads of Srdja Zlopogledja (eng. "Srdja Evileyes") and Kraljević Marko (eng. Prince Marko), characters from Serbian epic, busts of Njegoš and Nikola Pašić, some of the key figures of Serbian history, a theme from the Battle of Kosovo, the Sphinx, a model of never executed grand Vidovdan Temple that the artist envisioned, and replica of the famous statue of the Victor, the iconic symbol of Belgrade placed in 1928 at Belgrade Fortress. The admission to the museum is 300 RSD (cca. 2.5 euros) plus 300 RSD more for the exhibition.


October 11, 2019 - mid-January, 2020

Display of Sven Marquard's photos on the facade of the Faculty of Philosophy

NEXT by Sven Marquardt

Black-and-White photos of Belgraders by the prominent German photographer Sven Marquardt are displayed on the facade of the Faculty of Philosophy until mid-January, 2020. So, look up when you take a walk down Knez Mihailova street!


September 21, 2019 - January 20, 2020

Museum of Contemporary Art

Marina Abramović - "The Cleaner"

Conceived in a close collaboration with the artist, the exhibition “The Cleaner” is the first major European retrospective of Marina Abramović. It chronologically reviews all the phases of the artist’s fifty-year career, from the works of the early 1960s to those of the present day. It contains over 120 artworks, including paintings, drawings, objects, photographs, sound works, video, films, scenography and archival materials. The exhibition is on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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