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Until March 1, 2021

Nemanjić Dynasty explanatory exhibition

Nemanjić Dynasty explanatory exhibition

After the unveiling of the monument to Stefan Nemanja, at the newly reconstructed Savski Square , the explanatory panels were assembled behind the monument and in front of the old Main Railway Station (soon to be converted to the Historical Museum of Serbia), showing the members of Nemanjić royal dynasty and their biography.

Index of places and landmarks

All the landmarks, streets, squares, churches and places described on this site in one place. If you have trouble founding the content, here is everything that we posted on this web-site, in relation to architecture and places of interest for sightseeing. The lists, within segments, are structured in alphabetical order. 

 Serbian-Orthodox Churches & other religious objects 
Main urban Districts and Squares
Principal city streets
Parks and Green spaces
Buildings & Structures



Serbian-Orthodox Churches

Cathedral Church of St. Michael (ser. "Saborna Crkva")
Church Ružica
Church of St. Alexander Nevsky
Church of St. Petka
Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
Monastery Vavedenje
St. Mark's Church
St. Sava's Church
Vaznesenjska Church

Other Religions

(read the article "Meeting point of three religions", mentioning the Roman-Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King, the Russian-Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, the Bajrakli Mosque and the Sukkat Shalom Sinagogue)

Belgrade's main districts and squares

Andrićev Venac
• Flower Square
Kosančićev Venac
London Square
New Belgrade
Nikola Pašić Square
Obilićev Venac
Politika Tower and Square
Republic Square
Savamala and Belgrade Waterfront
Savski square and monument to Stefan Nemanja
Slavija Square
Students' Square and Park
Topličin Venac
Vračar (St. Sava's) Plateau
Zeleni Venac District & Farmers' Market

Belgrade's central streets

Balkanska (Balkan street) 
Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra ("King Alexander blvd.")
Gospodar Jevremova
Knez Mihailova
Kralja Milana
Kraljice Natalije
Kneza Miloša
Kralja Petra ("King Peter's")
Krunska ("Crown")

Belgrade Parks and Green Spaces

Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park
Bothanical Garden "Jevremovac"
Cyril and Methodius Park
Gavrilo Princip Park
Milutin Milanković Park
Tašmajdan Park
Park "Manjež"
Pioneers' Park
Topčider Park
Ušće Park complex

Buildings & Structures



Building of the 3rd Belgrade Gymnasium • 1906 • Academism, Classical • in Njegoševa st.

Building at 10, Krunska st. • Serbo-Byzantine, Modern

Building at 38, Krunska st.

Buildings at 41-43 Karadjordjeva street • 1923-1925 • Academism • at Savamala

Building at 52, Prote Mateje st. • 1912 • Academism, Secession

Building at 90, Krunska st.


Airport City • 2006-2009 • Modern • in New Belgrade

Old Assicurazioni Generali Building • 1930 • Academism • at Terazije

Avakumović House • 1923 • Russian Empire Style • in Knez Mihailova st.


B2 Smart Building • 2005-2008 • Modern • at Terazije, Balkanska street

Barracks of the 7th Army Regiment • 1901 • Academism • in Nemanjina street

Belgrade Palace skyscraper (ser. "Beogradjanka") • 1974 • Modern • near Flower Square

Belgrade Cooperative Building • 1907 • Academism, Secession • at Savamala

Bezistan • 1950's

Old Bank of Smederevo Building • 1912 • Secession • at Terazije

Brazilian Embassy

Buildings in Block 23 • 1974 • Brutalism • in New Belgrade


Captain Miša's Edifice • 1863 • Serbo-Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance • at Students' Square

Czech Embassy • 1926 • Neoclassicism, Czech Cubism • at Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra

City Library • 1867 • Renaissance • in Knez Mihailova st.

Clock Tower and Gate (ser. "Sahat Kula", "Sahat Kapija") // at Belgrade Fortress

Building of the Old Commercial Bank • 1914 • Secession • in Knez Mihailova st.

Old Commercial Academy • 1926 • Serbo-Byzantine • in Svetogorska street

Old Craftsmen Association (now Radio Belgrade) • 1933 • Art Deco • at Politika Square

Crvenčanin House • 1887 • Academism • in Kralja Petra street

"Cvijeta Zuzorić" Art Pavilion • 1928 • Art Deco • at Begrade Fortress


Dimitrijević House • 1928 • Academism • in Kneza Miloša street (London Square)

Dimitrije Krsmanović Family House • 1899 • Academism • at Kosančićev Venac

Djura Jakšić house and monument


Endowment of Nikola Spasić // in Knez Mihailova st.

Old Export Bank Building • 1923 • Academism, Secession • at Terazije


Faculty of Philology • 1922 • Academism • at Students' Square

Faculty of Technical Sciences • 1931 • Academism • at Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra

Faculty of Law • 1938 • pre-WWII Modernism • at Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra

First Danubian Steamboat Society building • 1925 • Early Modern • at Gospodar Jevremova street

First Town Hospital • 1868 • Gothic

Fountain "Girl with a Jug" // at Pioneers Park

Fountain // at Nikola Pašić sq.

Fountain // at Slavija Square

Fountain • 1860 • at Terazije

Fountain "The Rooster" // at Topličin Venac


Old Generalstaff • 1928 • Academism • in Kneza Miloša street

Genex Tower (Western City Gate) • 1980 • Brutalism • in New Belgrade


Historical Museum of Serbia • 1934 • Art Deco • at Nikola Pašić sq.

Home of High-School Students "Jelica Milovanović" • 1912 • Serbo-Byzantine • at Krunska st.

Hotel "Amsterdam" // at Zeleni Venac

Hotel "Courtyard Belgrade City Center" by Marriott // at Republic Square

Hotel "Crowne Plaza" • 1979 • Modern • in New Belgrade

Hotel "Hilton" • 2018 • Modern • near Slavija Square

Hotel "Mark" // in Resavska street

Hotel "Metropol Palace" • 1957 • Modern • in Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra

Hotel "Moskva" • 1908 • Secession • at Terazije

Hotel "New Public House" • 1930 • Academism • in Kneza Miloša street

House of Nikodije and Marika Bogdanović • 1933 • Neobaroque • at Vračar (St. Sava's) Plateau

Hotel "Palace" • 1923 • at Topličin Venac

Hotel "Prag"

House of Aron Levi • 1907 • Secession • in Kralja Petra street

House of Mihailo Petrović aka "Alas" • 1910 • Secession • at Kosančićev Venac

House of Milan Pavlović • 1912 • Secession • at Topličin Venac

House of Milorad Pavlović • 1884 • Academism • in Kralja Petra street

House of Nikolić Brothers • 1914 • Serbo-Byzantine, Secession • at Flower Square

House of the Press • 1961 • Corbusian • at Republic Square

House of Vuk's Foundation • 1871 • Serbo-Byzantine • in Kralja Milana street


Iguman's Palace • 1938 • Serbo-Byzantine, Modern • at Terazije


Old Jadransko-Podunavska Bank • 1924 • Academism • London Square

Jevrem Grujić House Museum • 1896 • Academism • in Svetogorska street

Jovan Cvijić Museum • 1905 • Academism • at Kopitareva Gradina

Jovan Smederevac House • 1901 • Academism, Secession • at Politika Square


Kapetan Mišino Zdanje (eng. "Captain Miša's Edifice") • 1863 • Serbo-Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance • at Students' Square

Kafana "?" (eng. "Tavern ?") • 1823 • Balkan profane style • in Kralja Petra st.

King Peter Elementary School • 1906 • Academism • in Kralja Petra street

Kolarac People's University • 1932 • Academism • at Students' Square

Konak Kneginje Ljubice (eng. "Princess Ljubica's Residence") • 1830 • Balkan Profane style • at Kosančićev Venac

Konak Kneza Miloša (eng. "Prince Miloš' Residence") • 1831 • Oriental, Neoclassicism • in Topčider Park

Konstantinović House • 1927 • Serbo-Byzantine • in Kralja Milana st.

Krsmanović House • 1885 • 19th Century Academism • at Terazije


Main Post Office • 1938 • Modern, Monumentalism • near Nikola Pašić sq.

Old Main Railway Station • 1884 • Academism • Savski Trg

Manak's House • 1830 • Serbian Traditional • at Savamala

Marinković Palace • 1936 • Neoclassicism • at Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra

Mathematical Grammar School • 1929 • Modern • in Kraljice Natalije st.

Old Ministry of Justice Building • 1883 • Neorenaissance • at Terazije

Military Museum (ser. "Vojni Muzej") • 1924 • at Belgrade Fortress

Millennium Tower (ser. "Kula Gardoš") • 1896 • in Zemun

Ministry of Finance • 1889 (1924, 1959) • Academism • in Kneza Miloša street

Ministry of Transport • 1931 • Neoclassicism • in Nemanjina street

Monument Gratitude to France // at Belgrade Fortress

Monument to the Victor • 1928 • at Belgrade Fortress

Monument to Desanka Maksimović • 2007 • in Tašmajdan Park

Monument to Njegoš // at Students' Plateau

Monument to Knez Mihailo // at Republic Square

Monument to Nikola Pašić // at Nikola Pašić sq.

Monument to Nadežda Petrović // at Pioneers' Park

Monument to the Battle of Kajmakčalan // at Pioneers' Park

Monument to Nikola Tesla // at Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra

Monument to Vuk Karadžić

Monument to Ivo Andrić

Monument to Cyril and Methodius

Museum of Ethnography • 1934 • 20th Century Modern • at Students' Square

Museum of Applied Art • 1929 • Academism • at Topličin Venac

Museum House of King Peter I Karadjordjevic • 1896 • Academism, Secession • Senjak District

Museum of Yugoslavia • 1962 • Corbusian • Dedinje District


National Assembly of Serbia • 1936 • Academism • at Nikola Pašić sq.

National Bank of Serbia • 1890 • Academism • in Kralja Petra street

National Museum of Serbia • 1903 • Neorenaissance • at Republic Square

National Theater • 1869 • Neorenaissance • at Republic Square

National Library • 1973 • Modern, Corbusian • at Vračar (St. Sava's) Plateau

New Palace (now Presidential Palace) • 1922 • Academism, Renaissance, Baroque • in Andrićev Venac (Pioneers' Park)

Nikola Tesla Museum • 1929 • Academism • at Krunska st.


Old Palace (now City Hall)

Officers' Club Building (now "SKC", abb. for Students Cultural Center) • 1895 • Romanticism • near Flower Square

Officers' Cooperative Building • 1908 • Art Nouveau, Secession


Palace "Riunione" • 1931 • Art Deco • at Republic Square

Palace "Albania" • 1938 • Pre-WWII Modernism • at Terazije

Palace "Athens" • 1902 • Neorenaissance • at Terazije

Palace "Anker" • 1899 • Academism • at Terazije

Palace "Kiki" // at Politika Square

Palace Serbia • 1959 • Concrete Monumentalism • in New Belgrade

Papakostopoulos House • 1907 • Academism, Secession • at Topličin Venac

Princess Ljubica's Residence (ser. "Konak Kneginje Ljubice") • 1830 • Balkan Profane style • at Kosančićev Venac

Prince Miloš' Residence (ser. "Konak Kneza Miloša") • 1831 • Oriental, Neoclassicism • in Topčider Park

Old "Prizad" Building (now Tanjug news agency) • 1939 • pre-WWI Totalitarian Modernistic • at Obilićev Venac


Rajićeva Shopping Center // in Knez Mihailova st.

Residential Villa at Krunska street • 1932 • Neorenaissance • in Krunska st.

Royal Garden // at Pioneers' Park

Russian House • 1933 • Neoclassicism • in Kraljice Natalije st.

"Russian Tzar" • 1926 • Academism, Secession • Knez Mihailova st.


Šafarik House • 1912 • Mixture of styles • at Krunska st.

Sahat Kula and Sahat Kapija (eng. "Clock Tower and Gate") // at Belgrade Fortress

Savčić House • 1926 • 19th Century Academism • in Kralja Milana street

Seismological Survey of Serbia • 1909 • at Tašmajdan Park

Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences • 1924 • Academism, Art Nouveau • in Knez Mihailova st.

Building of the old Serbian-American Bank • 1931 • Neoclassicism • in Kralja Milana street

Building of the Serbian Government • 1928 • Academism • in Nemanjina street

School of Electrical Engineering "Nikola Tesla" • 1929 • Serbo-Byzantine • in Kraljice Natalije st.

"Six Corporals" buildings • 1966 • Modern, Socialist • in New Belgrade

Building of the Society for Vračar Embellishment • 1902 • Academism, Secession • at Flower Square

"Sokol House" • 1936 • Serbo-Byzantine • near Slavija Square and Vračar Plateau

Spirta's House - Zemun Home Museum • 1855 • Gothic • in Zemun

"Štark" Arena • 2004 • Modern • in New Belgrade

Students' Home "King Alexander I" • 1928 • Academism • in Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra

Students' Polyclinic

Stamenković House • 1907 • Secession • in Kralja Petra street


Old Telephone Co. building • 1908 • Serbo-Byzantine • near Nikola Pašić sq.

"Television Sets" buildings • 1974 • Brutalism • in New Belgrade

Terazije Fountain • 1860

Terazije Terrace

"Toblerone" building • 1963 • Brutalism • at Karaburma

Tomb of Emperor Dušan // at St. Mark's Church

Tomb of Knez Mihailo // at Cathedral Church of St. Michael

Tomb of Vuk Karadžić // at Cathedral Church of St. Michael

Tower Buildings in Block 23 • 1974 • Brutalism • in New Belgrade

Old Town Hall • 1846 • Classicism, Romantism • at Students' Square

Building of the Old Trading Fund • 1939 • pre-WWII Modernism • near Flower Square

Turkish Embassy


University Library • 1926 • Academism • at Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra

Uroš Predić Studio House • 1908 • Art Nouveau • in Svetogorska street

Ušće Towers • 1964 (first), 2019 (second) • Modern • in New Belgrade


Veterans' Club Building • 1931 • pre-WWII Modernism • at Republic Square

Old Vračar Savings Bank • 1906 • Academism, German Renaissance and Baroque • London Square

Vučo's House on the Sava River • 1908 • Art Nouveau • at Savamala

Vuk and Dositej Museum • 1739-89 • Balkan Profane style • Gospodar Jevremova st.


Yugoslav Drama Theater • 1931 • Academism, Modern • at Flower Square

Building of the Old Yugoslav Bank (now Hotel Centar No. 1) • 1923 • Academism • at Republic Square


Zindan Kapija (eng. "Zindan Gate") • at Belgrade Fortress

Kafana "Zlatna Moruna" (eng. "Old Golden Beluga bar")


Belgrade news

February 11, 2021

Newly reconstructed Savski square and monument to Stefan Nemanja

The reconstructed Savski square with the grand monument to Stefan Nemanja caused a lot of reactions and controversy. Look for yourself and reflect on this. How do you feel about it? (read full article)


January 10, 2021

Winter light show on the facade of the National Museum of Serbia

People in Belgrade can witness an interesting multimedia display at Republic Square, on the facade of the National Museum of Serbia, every evening from 6pm thru 11 pm during 2020-21 New Year's festivities, presented by Coca-Cola.


New Year's concert stage in front of the National Assembly of Serbia

December 23, 2019

New Year's Concerts in front of the National Assembly of Serbia, at Nikola Pašić square

City of Belgrade continues with the tradition of organizing New Year's concerts in public, for all the locals and tourists who want to celebrate New Year's Eve outdoors listening to regional music stars performing at the grand stage in front of the dashing building of the National Assembly of Serbia, at Nikola Pašić square and Pioneers' Park, in the very center of the city.

The concerts will last for two days. First, on December 30, from 8pm, trap, hip-hop, dance and pop stars (Vuk Mob, Angelina, Gazda Paja, Sara Jo, Mili, Senidah, Cobi, Rasta, MC Stojan) will appear in front of the crowd and will stay until 2am. On the New Year's Eve, folk stars Maja Berović and Lepa Brena will entertain the fans, followed by the appearance of Serbian pop band "Kiki i Piloti".


Famous Russian Tzar coffe bar reopened

December 17, 2019

"Russian Tzar" reopened

One of the most emblematic Belgrade restaurants (or "kafanas" in Serbian), called "RUSKI CAR" (eng. "Russian Tzar"), in the building constructed in 1926 at the corner of Knez Mihailova st. and Obilićev Venac st., in the very heart of the city, is reopened after almost 8 years as a nice looking coffee bar / pastry shop. Now you can sit down for a drink or have a cake in a revived vintage atmosphere of the classical place that witnessed so much history from the first opening days back in 1890, in a much smaller building then, that stood on the same spot.
Notice a funny looking word game above the front entrance, where the new owners mixed Serbian cyrilic and English latin. How 'bout that.


Ice rink around monument to Knez Mihailo

December 15, 2019

Ice rink at Republic Square

From December 20 thru February 15 all you guys who visit Belgrade for the winter holidays will have a chance to enjoy ice skating in a wonderful surroundings of the central city square, in front of the National Museum and around the monument to Knez Mihailo.


Exhibition of photos at the promenade

December 13, 2019

Open exhibition at Belgrade Fortress

All you guys walking down the promenade of Kalemegdan Park at Belgrade Fortress this winter have a chance to see a display of 27 panels depicting Belgrade seen and described by some of the most prominent European literary figures in an exposition called "Beacon of the East - Belgrade in the work of European Artists".


Decorated Vojvoda Vuk's park at Topličin Venac

December 10, 2019

Coca-Cola New Year's District at Topličin Venac

Belgrade Winter festival supported by Coca-Cola is placed this year at newly reconstructed Topličin Venac district. The program is abundant, with music concerts every night and lots of other activities all day long until January 8, 2020.


Building of the Museum of Contemporary Art

September 21, 2019

Marina Abramović - "The Cleaner"

Conceived in a close collaboration with the artist, the exhibition “The Cleaner” is the first major European retrospective of Marina Abramović. It chronologically reviews all the phases of the artist’s fifty-year career, from the works of the early 1960s to those of the present day. It contains over 120 artworks, including paintings, drawings, objects, photographs, sound works, video, films, scenography and archival materials. Among the works exhibited are the anthological works of performance art (Rhythms, 1973–1974; Lips of Thomas, 1975; Relational works, 1976–1977; Nightsea Crossing, 1982–1986), as well as representative works from Abramović’s recent body of work (Balkan Baroque, 1997; The House with the Ocean View, 2002; Artist Is Present, 2010).
The exhibition is on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art until January 20, 2020.


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