Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Ivana Djurdjević

My name is Ivana Djurdjević. I was born in Belgrade, Serbia, in the 90’s. A year ago, I moved back to Belgrade. I was away for about 3 years. I got to see the world (literally). I was working as a flight attendant, based out of Doha, Qatar. I did get to see many beautiful cities, but Belgrade is still the best city in the world for me! It has a soul and of course, my family and friends.

Maša Rajčić

Maša is born and bred in Dorćol historical district, in Belgrade. Philologist by profession, she lectures spanish, french, and english. She is in love with Belgrade and likes to travel whenever possible. Masha adores dogs, jazz music and fine food. In Maša's oppinion, the art (of any kind) presupposes human limitations. She got in an adventure with her Instagram account a year ago, with the purpose of disputing all the prejudices and misinformation regarding Serbia, primarily with native spanish speakers, because as she says "I didn't find any serious content in that language, other than foreigners' blogs, but they lacked perspective of a local".

Hello, I’m Katia, or Katja in Serbian orthography, and I live in Belgrade since 2004. I was born in Moscow, Russia, but after so many years residing in Serbia, I can call Belgrade my home. I fell in love with this city at first sight and that love is only getting stronger as the time goes by. Even though I travel a lot and I am absent for several months, I know that my Belgrade will always greet me with the sun, with seductive odors of fresh baked rolls and coffee, and with beautiful and cordial people that my mind embodies in a perpetual posture of stretching their arms to hug me.

Milan Čiča's Belgrade

Milan was born in Belgrade and lives in this city for 27 years now, in other words, all his life. He works as a bartender and he is an expert in roasting coffee beans. He studies construction engineering, and he practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. When he collects enough money and earns some time-off, he likes to travel. Other than that, on a daily basis, he likes movies, playing music and hanging out with friends.

Ana Markov's Belgrade

Hi, I’m Ana Markov, writer, blogger and content creator. I’ve worked as a columnist, poet, journalist, copywriter, and (sometimes, maybe, when the need was strong) as an English teacher (you’ve got to use that Master’s degree for something, I guess). Now, I help others tell their stories by working closely with my community, sharing advice, experiences and failures. I draw inspiration from Belgrade, the Balkans and famous Serbian "inat" (spite).

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