Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Brana's special places in Belgrade

Branisalava, a tour guide from Belgrade

My name is Brana, I'm a certified guide in Serbia and I'm in love with Belgrade.

Here is the list of some of my special places in Belgrade that I think you absolutely must visit.

1. The Church of St Petka

Hidden in the walls of the Belgrade Fortress and accompanied by an other church nearby, this is a place of spiritual calmness, just a few steps away from the crowded park. This church is a true gem, not large in dimensions, but of great history, significance and serenity.

2. Captain Miša's Building

In my opinion, Captain Miša's Building is one of the most beautiful buildings in Belgrade. Today it houses the Rector's Office of the University. It was build in 1863 with the intention to make it the royal court, but this never happened.

Captain Miša was one of the richest merchants of the 19th century in Serbia. His biggest wish was to see his daughter as queen of Serbia, but as this never happened, he gave the building to his homeland, as it is written on the facade.


3. Dorćol

For centuries now, Dorćol has been the international and cosmopolitan part of Belgrade. Not only has it been voted to be of the 50 coolest neighborhoods in the world, here you can find food and entertainment for all tastes.

4. Kosančićev venac

If you want to see where the modern Belgrade was created, don't miss this area on the Sava river bank. Beautiful buildings, a lot of history and a very interesting vintage vibe.

5. Casual Belgrade - everyday life

For a sneak peak of casual Belgrade everyday life, go to the Tašmajdan park. Locals are relaxed, children are playing and you can visit a beautiful Church of Saint Mark, that is just at the begging of the park.

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