Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Helena from Ireland

Helena is a travel specialist from Ireland. Her impressions about Belgrade could be summed up in short words as a lovely, friendly, safe, cultural city.

Helena completed our online survey and here's what she wrote...

EoB: Did you know something about Belgrade before you came here?

Helena: I knew it was on the Danube and had the church of St. Sava's. I remember the issues in 1999 as it was in the news.

EoB: What is the first thing you've noticed in Belgrade?

Helena: The heat! Also, St. Sava's coming on plane. :D

EoB: Describe Belgrade in one emotion (describe the emotion, if Belgrade was a feeling, what it would be?).

Helena: Friendly.

EoB: What you like/dislike about Belgrade?

Helena: Dislike the heat. :D Also, it is quite big so have to travel to see the sights. I like the fact it feels very safe and I can walk down the street without worry of being pickpocketed.

 EoB: What would you recommend in Belgrade?

Helena: St. Sava's for sure and the TV tower that has been rebuilt. Both are quite impressive!


EoB: Rate our web-site (1-5).

Helena: ☆☆☆☆☆


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