Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Politika tower and square

This 17-story building is holding the offices of the "Politika" (eng. "Politics") daily newspaper.

Year of construction: 1967

Architecture: modern

Location: 29, Makedonska st. (1, Politika square), Stari Grad district

Politika is the oldest Serbian newspaper, founded in Belgrade, in 1904. Moreover, it's the oldest newspaper in this part of Europe. It can be regarded as a true symbol of journalism in Serbia. The most prominent Serbian litterary figures contributed to its good name.

The newspaper has the policy of shutting down during the occupation, so the only two perods of time "Politika" was not printed were during WWI and WWII.

Honoring its tradition, in 2016 the whole square was named Politika square, with Politika Tower at no. 1. There are several buildings worthwhile noticing there...


Jovan Smederevac House

This building is constructed in the beginning of 20th century, after the design of owner itself, engeneer Jovan Smederevac.

Year of construction: 1901

Architecture: in the spirit of 19th century Academism, with obvious influence of secession on facade ornaments.

Location: 27, Nušićeva street, Stari Grad district



Old Craftsmen Association (now Radio Belgrade)

This building is constructed in 1933, with the purpose of holding the offices of the Craftsmen Association. After WWII, as of 1947, the Radio Belgrade is located in the building.

Year of construction: 1933

Architecture: Art Deco

Location: 2, Hilandarska street, Stari Grad district


Palace "Kiki"

This building houses Belgrade Trading School and it was errected as an endowment of Greek family Kiki, thus popular name Palace "Kiki".

Year of construction: 1934

Architecture: Modern, Academism

Location: 1, Hilandarska street, Stari Grad district

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