Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Ušće Park complex

Ušće park complex is a huge green space and promenade by the river on New Belgrade's side. It consists of Ušće Park, Staro Sajmište Memorial Park (photo above) and Friendship Park.

It is like an urban resort, a place in the middle of a vibrant city that provokes you a feeling of being somewhere in the countryside, where is peaceful and quiet, during the day that is. At night, it gets very loud.

In a wonderfull surrondings, by the river, you can take a walk and enjoy the magnificent panorama of Old Belgrade, with the monument of the Victor, bell tower of the Cathedral Church of St. Michael, Belgrade Palace skyscraper and St. Sava's Church standing out in the distance. You can also admire Belgrade's panorama by sitting down and having a drink or lunch in one of many riverboats (ser. "splavovi") or restaurants at the promenade. Or, you can ride a bike. There is a bike path all the way around the park and by the riverside. Right across the water you will also notice Belgrade Waterfront, currently under construction, but still with nice walking paths and restaurants.

At Ušće Park, you can practice sports, there are volleyball courts and skateboard ramps. There is a playground for kinds. For those who love arts, they can visit Museum of Contemporary Arts, located in the park. At Friendship Park you can admire the impressive memorial obelisk called "Eternal Flame". "Staro Sajmište" (Old Fairground) memorial park is a place where during the WWII Nazis had one of the biggest concentration camps in the region. In honour of the victims, the monument is errected.

Ušće Park complex is famous for its nightlife, as many of the well-known riverboats (ser. "splavovi"), basically night clubs, are located on the river bank, by the promenade. Of course, those are closed during the winter and moved to another location in the city. This is also the place where major music concerts in the open air are held, as well as some of the biggest festivals, like the traditional Beer Fest, with several stages and music stars from all over the world performing in an event that hosts more than 100 music concerts over 5 days.

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